How you can help...

Howard & Norma. Credit Boaz Wachtel

Howard & Norma. Credit Boaz Wachtel

Thank you for visiting this page!  We are a group of passionate and highly motivated individuals who fundamentally believe the time for the story of ibogaine to be spread throughout the world is now - opioid deaths are at the highest they have ever been and crippling many from all walks of life.  We believe The Ibogaine Stories could inform people of the wonders of ibogaine and the individuals who work with it.

However, we cannot fully achieve this without the help of our beloved friends, YOU!  There are a number of ways in which you can help us and any support will put a smile on our faces.

First, financial support.  We are currently looking for funding to help us continue production of the film.  All proceeds go directly towards funding production of The Ibogaine Stories, minus administrative fees of 5%.  If you would like to donate please click here.  Every donation big or small will be extremely helpful to us.  Later in 2018 we aim to launch our crowdfunding page on Kickstarter.

Secondly, we are always looking for people to share and spread the message.  This could mean sharing The Ibogaine Stories on social media, writing about it on your blog or website, or just talking to your friends and family about the project.  A little goes a long way.

And finally, for those among you who would like to get on board and help with the project, we are always looking for people who share our passion and with whom we can collaborate.  Please use the Contact Us page and we can discuss further details. Of course if you should have any further questions about us, the project, or ibogaine please send us an e-mail.