Our Team


Sam Oliver

 Director / Producer

Sam recently returned to the UK, having spent the last few years teaching in Paris. Settling in London he grew increasingly interested in the world of addiction and alternative therapy to treat mental health disorders.  After conducting independent research, he began to reach out to members of the academic psychedelic circles, and was warmly welcomed, educated, and guided.

Sam began hearing about ibogaine’s numerous benefits and speaking to those it had helped, particularly with addiction.  Inspired by these people, he recognised the need to not only share The Ibogaine Stories but to help push ibogaine into the world of research, outside of its stigmatised position and introduce the human side of the treatment.  He recognised the stories needed to be heard and more people struggling through addiction needed to be reached out to.  Moreover, the willingness of the individuals to personally share their stories with Sam has introduced a personal side to the making of this film.


Steve Pearce


As a massage therapist, Steve has always understood the necessity of holistic health.  Looking beyond just pharmaceutical medicine and instead focusing on all aspects of the human body and mind in treating illness.  He is an advocate of medicinal cannabis, and believes its legalisation in a medical context would help alleviate the indignity many in pain must face.

With personal experience of individuals suffering from mental health problems and addiction, Steve recognised the potential power of ibogaine.  As well as this, he has concerns with a pharmaceutical industry that can often place capital gain over human wellbeing, particularly where mental health is concerned.  All too often, pills are used as ‘quick fix’ remedies without addressing the root of the problem, and can often lead to more distress than some alternative treatments.

With a history in logistics and management, Steve has played a crucial role in the organisation of this film.


Dr. Jeremy Weate

Consultant / Executive Producer

Dr. Jeremy Weate has spent the past 15 years working as a consultant on natural resource governance, providing advice to governments, companies and civil society organisations in over 20 countries.  Jeremy spent 12 years living in Nigeria (2003-15) and has visited over 60 countries.

Jeremy visited Gabon in 2016 and was initiated into Bwiti at Ebando.  The focus for the rest of his life will be on using his skills and experience to support the protection of endangered plants such as Tabernanthe iboga.  And to promote the sustainable and ethical use of “plant teachers” for affordable and safe treatment of addiction, neuro-degenerative disorders and for spiritual development in these times of planetary crisis.

Jeremy has a PhD in European philosophy from Warwick University and is the author of the best-selling book, A Young Person’s Guide to Philosophy.


Ariathney Coyne

Researcher / Producer

Ariathney received her MSci in neuroscience from University College London in 2016 and shortly thereafter began a journey, which would ultimately lead her onto the path of psychedelic research and therapy.  She firmly believes by continuing the excellent progress in psychedelic research, both in a scientific and clinical setting, and with human reasoning and compassion, plant medicines will provide a powerful tool to not only treat mental illness but also deepen our understanding of mental health.

For The Ibogaine Stories she will be providing her scientific expertise to ensure evidence remains accurate, but will also be working behind the scenes to ensure this important message can reach a wider audience.  She currently lives in Vienna, Austria where she works as a scientific research assistant.